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2019-06-12 @ 12:18 (ST) by Light's Hope

<span class="text-grey-lighter">Dear adventurers,</span> With rumours swirling, we know many of you have been waiting patiently for an announcement regarding the project's plans for the final months leading to Classic. It's time, so buckle up. On **Saturday, 22nd June, 16:00 CEST**, Silver Hand will be welcoming brave adventures in search of one final ride. In a departure from the project's usual fare, beware that this is no standard realm. Silver Hand will be launching as an accelerated PvP realm and it won't be for the faint of heart. What do we mean by accelerated? Here's the lowdown. * The realm will launch with patch 1.12 * All content will be available from day one (AQ will still involve the sceptre chain but no war effort) * Experience and drop rates will remain at the usual 1x * Raid attunements will still be in place We've aimed Silver Hand at those wishing to experience low level content on a new realm and those looking for a final challenge. How far can a dedicated guild progress in such a short window of opportunity? It's a race to the end, in more sense than one. Silver Hand will be shutting down at the same time as Northdale and Lightbringer, just prior to Classic's launch. A final date will be announced in the near future. On a final note, <span class="text-base text-primary font-semibold">BluJay</span> / [u/adrian_vanburen]( has our deepest gratitude for generously agreeing to make up any financial shortfall until the end of the project in August. While we deeply appreciate the gesture and commitment, we'd like to once again remind players that donations are still open (cryptocurrency only for the time being). Any donations will help to reduce the burden on a single donor. See you there June 22nd! <span class="text-gamemaster">The Light's Hope Team</span>
2018-11-26 @ 17:33 (ST) by Lynck

<span class="text-grey-lighter">Greetings Heroes of Azeroth!</span> The Light's Hope GM Team will be opening up recruitment for a short period of time. We are looking for outgoing people that are willing to volunteer to help our community with their issues. Our main focus as Game Masters is to help the community to the best of our ability via the in-game ticket system. Please keep in mind if you are accepted into the GM Team, you will not start out with any kind of advanced commands such as banning or adding items. You will start out with basic commands and work your way up as you excel in game knowledge and experience. If you are interested in becoming a GM, please fill out this [form]( and a GM Lead will contact you if you have been chosen to move on to the interview stage of the recruitment proccess. Keep in mind we go through many applications and may take a while before getting to your application. Kind Regards, <span class="text-gamemaster">LH GM Team</span>
2018-11-05 @ 13:00 (ST) by Light's Hope

<span class="text-grey-lighter">Dear adventurers,</span> In light of Blizzard's announcement of Classic launching in summer 2019, we'd like to make a brief statement regarding Northdale's timeline and the future of the project as a whole. As stated in our original response to the official announcement of Classic, we intend to speed Northdale's timeline up to ensure that players have the opportunity to experience all content before the launch of Classic. We're currently operating under the assumption that the release date will be later in the summer (around August) rather than sooner and we're looking at the option of releasing Naxxramas around mid-May. If Classic were to launch in June, we'd likely have to release Naxxramas in April, meaning five major content patches in as many months - simply too rushed to give a reasonable number of guilds the opportunity to progress through it all at a reasonable pace. A May release also gives us the opportunity to postpone content if Blizzard were to announce any delays to the project. Having said that, this is still preliminary and we'll publish a revised timeline in the coming days. Feedback from the community is welcome. The other major point addressed in our original announcement was about the future of the project, and the future of your characters. Although we originally stated that the project would only close if Blizzard's vision of Classic lived up to the community's expectations, the administration has decided that we will cease operation when the time comes regardless of the experience Classic delivers. This is not a capitulation to Blizzard but a reflection of a change in staff sentiment and responsibilities over the last year. It's no secret that some longstanding members of the project, both leadership and senior staff, have retired or taken a back seat in recent months. Light's Hope has always been a labour of love, but one that's taken a toll on those closest to its operations. We have all volunteered countless hours to deliver the best Vanilla (“Classic”) experience that we can, and as adults with lives ourselves, this means we’ve had to make sacrifices along the way. At some point something must give, and Classic is that point for us. As such, the remaining members of the leadership team have decided that they will retire from the project once Classic launches. Rather than risk handing the project over to new and unproven owners, we are firm that we will be the ones to turn the lights off. As leaders, players, and lovers of Vanilla ourselves, we believe this is the best course of action for the project, the staff, and the community we have garnered over the span of four separate realms. To that end, as originally promised, players will be able to export their character data from the server. This will allow them to transfer their progress to another project should that project allow it. This will be done by cryptographically signing the character exports, ensuring the integrity and validity of the data. We’ll have more details on the exact protocols and formatting when the time comes. Please note, this is not something that will happen immediately – we fully intend to keep the servers online and running until the launch of Classic, and we will continue to support the realms until then. If you have any questions or feedback, we'll be happy to take it on board. Regards, <span class="text-primary">The Light's Hope Team</span>
2018-10-16 @ 02:00 (ST) by Whitekidney

<span class="text-grey-lighter">Greetings, citizens of Azeroth!</span> It has been one year since Light's Hope first established itself and continued our journey through Classic and while starting a new one along the way. It has been a great pleasure having you with us on this adventure so far and we are looking forward to many more days of excellent gameplay. During the past year, an extraordinary amount of players have joined us on our realms and we continue gain many new faces each and every day. Below are some statistics that reflect the activity from the Light's Hope players and staff over the last year. Please note that some statistics omitted as the data is spread across multiple databases, some of which are not actively in use anymore (such as Darrowshire and Anathema). However, we will try and get you that data later on, so expect an updated version of this infographic soon:tm:. We're also very excited about Blizzcon this year, where there will be a playable demo of World of Warcraft Classic. We have come a long way on our journey for official Classic servers and we would like to thank everyone that has participated in the process of making this possible. ![alt text](/images/news/one-year-info.png "One Year Info")
2018-10-06 @ 23:20 (ST) by Istaria

<span class="text-grey-light">Heyas,</span> Many of you have been asking about the forum breach and if our forums are ever coming back. Until we hear more about Blizzard's development and timelines for Classic at Blizzcon, it's safe to say we're not looking to invest resources into bringing the forums back up. Depending on the news we get, we may still consider this option down the line. For now, [Discord]( will be our main platform to make announcements and for the community to talk about the project. We also have a limited presence on [Reddit]( In the meantime, we will continue to work on our website which has gradually gotten some improvements. It will soon serve as a way to check back what has recently happened with the project and what is to come. All of our more important announcements will also find their way here. Stay tuned!