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2018-10-16 @ 02:00 (ST) by Whitekidney

Greetings, citizens of Azeroth!

It has been one year since Light's Hope first established itself and continued our journey through Classic and while starting a new one along the way.

It has been a great pleasure having you with us on this adventure so far and we are looking forward to many more days of excellent gameplay. During the past year, an extraordinary amount of players have joined us on our realms and we continue gain many new faces each and every day.

Below are some statistics that reflect the activity from the Light's Hope players and staff over the last year. Please note that some statistics omitted as the data is spread across multiple databases, some of which are not actively in use anymore (such as Darrowshire and Anathema). However, we will try and get you that data later on, so expect an updated version of this infographic soon:tm:.

We're also very excited about Blizzcon this year, where there will be a playable demo of World of Warcraft Classic. We have come a long way on our journey for official Classic servers and we would like to thank everyone that has participated in the process of making this possible.

2018-10-06 @ 23:20 (ST) by Istaria


Many of you have been asking about the forum breach and if our forums are ever coming back. Until we hear more about Blizzard's development and timelines for Classic at Blizzcon, it's safe to say we're not looking to invest resources into bringing the forums back up. Depending on the news we get, we may still consider this option down the line.

For now, Discord will be our main platform to make announcements and for the community to talk about the project. We also have a limited presence on Reddit. In the meantime, we will continue to work on our website which has gradually gotten some improvements. It will soon serve as a way to check back what has recently happened with the project and what is to come. All of our more important announcements will also find their way here. Stay tuned!

2018-07-03 @ 16:20 (ST) by Whitekidney

Greetings adventurers,

Here is the final report on the recent breach of our forums and outgoing mail services. On and before the months of May and June, our forums were subject to a mass-bruteforcing attack targeting accounts owned by staff, including administrators and moderators. We began implementing measures to mitigate the attack as soon as we detected it ...

Realm Status
  • Lightbringer

    896 Online

    Uptime: 2d1h50m30s

  • Northdale

    8.895 Online

    Uptime: 2d1h8m4s