# Help! My account has been hacked We are sad to hear that your account has been compromised. We spend a lot of time and resources trying to prevent these things, but ultimately its the players responsibility to secure the account. ## What should I do now? It's recommended that you do the following should it happen that your account is compromised. This is also a recommended as a general security measure, regardless if your account was compromised or not. - __Change your password on the game-account__. You can do this either through the [reset password page](https://lightshope.org/reset) (if you don't have access to the account anymore) or, if you are able to access it, you can change the password through the [account control panel](https://lightshope.org/account). - __Change your password on your email__. This is mostly a precaution, but it is possible someone has gained access to your game-account though your email. - __Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account__ Please read through the [FAQ post regarding Two-Factor Authentication](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-two-factor-authentication) for more information on adding another layer of security to your account. - __Don't share the account with anyone__. Sharing an account may increase the risk of the account being compromised, and it is also against our [Terms of Use](https://lightshope.org/terms-of-use), and doing so will lead to a permanent closure of the account. ### Restoring items and characters It is unfortunately limited as to what we can restore of lost items and values. The same policy as outlined in our Terms of Use applies to all players, and there is no exception for compromised accounts. Please read through the [FAQ post: Restore items / failed bossloot](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-restore-items-bossloot) to see what items we can restore. If your character was deleted, read [the FAQ regarding deleted characters](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-character-restoration). Note that the latest deletion is the one that is restored, so it will not help to delete the character and request a restore to regain its previous state before the breach.