# I can't join chat channels / see system messages ## Nobody can see my whispers Your account was likely flagged by our system, and has been muted. Please [open an in-game ticket](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-open-ticket) and describe your issue, and a Game Master will assist you in-game. ## I can't see any system-messages If one of your characters isn't showing any system-messages, typically in yellow, such as rolls, friend-logons or smilar, you can copy over your chat-cache from a working character to your "broken" character. Follow these steps. - Exit the game completely - Navigate to your WoW-folder, and open the WTF-folder - Find the folder of your "broken" character , this will be under `..\WoW\WTF\Account\abc\Lightbringer\Light` where `abc` is the name of the account, `Lightbringer` the name of the realm and `Light` the name of the character - Find a file called `chat-cache.txt` in the folder of a character that has a working chat, and copy this file - Navigate to the folder of your "broken" character, and replace the `chat-cache.txt` here with the one you copied from your working character. - Launch the game and see if it worked! ## I can't see or join some channels Should you experience issues with seeing one or more channels, please check that the channel is set to be active in your chat-window, by right-clicking the chat-pane and finding your channel. Make sure that you have joined the channel, by running `/join World` (where `World` is the name of the channel). Should this not work, try attempting the steps as listed above.