# My character has been deleted! Can you restore it? We will __attempt__ to restore characters that previously have been deleted. It may not always be possible to restore, as the time where you are able to recover your character may vary. The sooner the request is made, the more likely it is possible that the restoration procedure is successful. Please note that any characters below level 10 does not qualify for restoration. To request your character being restored, [open an in-game ticket](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-open-ticket) and include the following. If you need to create a new character in order to open the in-game ticket, please do not use the same name on the new character as the character you are trying to restore. - The account-name - The character name(s) - A character to act as point of contact if there are errors restoring the deleted characters - Level, race, class (not required) If you have deleted multiple characters that had the same name, please be specific about their race/class, and approximate time of deletion. Should you have a character with the name of your deleted character, and wish to keep the name, you must delete the existing character with that name - otherwise it could be given another name. Please use the following format when submitting your in-game ticket, one character per line: `Account: <account> Realm: <realmname> Contact: <excising character> Details: <relevant details>` ### NOTE - After completed restore Please be aware that some functions may not work properly until the next server restart once your character has been restored. This includes... - Using the in-game mail system (sending and receiving) - Using the auction-house - Being invited to groups / interacting with other players - Sending and receiving whispers