# My character is stuck / lost in the void If your character is stuck in textures or in objects somewhere, or lost in the void, you can utilize the `.unstuck` command in order to resume normal gameplay. This will apply __Resurrection Sickness__ on your character, but will teleport you to the nearest Spirit Healer. If your character is dead and unable to speak, type the command in guild-chat by doing `/g .unstuck`. This will work regardless if you are in a guild or not. Should this for whatever reason not work, please [open an in-game ticket](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-open-ticket), and include where you were travelling from and where you were travelling to (if relevant). A Game Master may solve this issue while you are offline, and you can freely play on any other characters in the meantime. Note that this option will likely take more time than using the `.unstuck` command.