# Why am I being forced to reset my password? Greetings adventurer, We have determined that your account's password has not changed since Light's Hope established itself on October 17, 2017. Due to concerns that other private server projects improperly managed the security of their systems, we are now forcing users that we might suspect be a victim of this behavior to change their account password. To maintain your account's security, we will require you to change your passwords for your account within 7 days of receiving your notice. If you do not change your passwords within this timeframe, our system will issue a password reset for you and send you a follow up email with your new password. Members of the Light's Hope staff do not have the capability to see or reset your password and will be unable to assist you on a case-by-case basis. Light's Hope will not be offering the ability to change the email associated with your account at this time. # How do I reset my password? The only official place you may make changes to your account is the project's website, located at https://lightshope.org We encourage users to visit the website manually through your browser rather than clicking on links through emails as a standard safe browsing habit. # I don't know what email I used If you don't remember what email you used you can still change your password from when you are logged in to the game by running this command: ``` .account password oldpassword newstrongpassword newstrongpassword ``` Please make sure you don't have any spaces before the dot, else you will type your old/new password into the chat. # Good Password Practices We highly encourage you to use **random** and unique password for *every* service you sign up for, this ensures that if one service were to be compromised, you will not be running the risk of being hacked across all other services where you might be re-using the same password. A good tip for generating and storing good passwords is to use a Password Manager like Keepass - https://keepass.info/ or LastPass https://www.lastpass.com/business-password-manager If you have any questions, please use our Support channel on our official Discord: https://lightshope.org/discord