# Get Started **Welcome to Light's Hope!** Before you begin playing, please read our [Terms of Use](https://lightshope.org/terms-of-use) to see what is permitted and prohibited at our server. If you stumble across any problems, please read our [Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)](https://lightshope.org/faqs) before asking in the #support channel of our Discord or making an in game ticket. To get started on the server you need to: - Download a 1.12.1 client. You can find one by using Google. Any non-modified 1.12 client will do. - [Create an account](https://lightshope.org/create), which will be used for the website and game. - Edit the content of `realmlist.wtf` file inside your WoW folder to `SET REALMLIST logon.lightshope.org` - alternatively you can download [this preset realmlist](https://lightshope.org/files/realmlist.wtf), and replace it with the one in your WoW directory. **The client must be closed when altering the realmlist.** - Launch WoW.exe (not the launcher) and create a character! At the moment we have two realms running. - **Lightbringer**, the oldest realm with the lowest population, it is at the final patch (1.12). - **Northdale**, is a newer realm with higher population which progresses through the different patches. The timeline for Northdale can be found [in our FAQ section](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-northdale-timeline). If you have any questions feel free to ask in our Discord. Good luck, and have fun! ## Issues connecting? #### Disconnected from server This is usually caused by a firewall blocking the connection to our realms, or that your realmlist is incorrect. - Make sure the client is not running. Download [this preset realmlist](https://lightshope.org/files/realmlist.wtf), and replace it with your current one. Even if you believe that your realmlist is correct, we recommend you download our preset realmlist and replace it with your current one if you are having issues connecting. - Check that your firewall is not blocking the connection. You can check this by running a `ping` command on your computer to our realm. On Windows, find a program called *Run* (search for this in your start-menu) and type *cmd* once the program is open - this will open a commandline. Run the command `ping logon.lightshope.org`. You should be seeing a zero percentage in packet-loss. If you experience loss of packets, open the ports 3724, 1119 and 6012 on your router. - Check your `\WowVanillaFolder\Config.WTF` file and look if there is any information from another vanilla project. Close down your client, replace the `SET realmList` line with `SET realmList logon.lightshope.org` and try again. - If all else fails, you can try to connect through a VPN. Some network providers may experience issues connection to our services. When altering the `.wtf` (realmlist and config) files, please use a proper text editor such as Notepad. Using programs like Word will likely cause problems.