# I have lost access to my account ## I have forgotten my password You can request a password reset at [the password reset page](https://lightshope.org/reset). This requires you to have access to the email associated with the account. Note that Light's Hope Staff can not change the password for you, or see your password, so we are not able to assist with forgotten passwords - the only way to recover a lost password is through the form at the password reset page. ## How can I recover my account-name? There are two ways one can figure out the username for your account if you have forgotten it. - If you are using the same client as you did before, look inside the `../WoW/WTF/Accounts` folder where you have your Vanilla WoW client - Search for your verification email, it *may* contain the account name. If you registered your account before October 16th, the email will be from Elysium. If the mail contains your account name depends on when it was created. If you are unable to find your account name through the suggestions above, then we can unfortunately not be of further assistance. The Game Master team can not disclose any details about any account for security and privacy reasons. ## I do not have access to my email, how can I reset the password? We verify the ownership of an account through the associated email-address. This means that you must have access to the email account which was used to register the account with in order to reset the password. If you have forgotten which email was used to register, you may attempt looking for the verification email you got upon registering the account; it may be from Elysium if the account was created before October 16th. The Game Master team can not disclose any details about any account for security and privacy reasons. ## I need a PIN to log in? (Parental Control) There are two additional layers of security an account may have; GeoLock or Two-Factor Authentication. Once one of these is active on an account, the login may request a 6-digit PIN in order to complete the login, both on the website and through the game-client. This will be displayed as Parental Lock on the client. If you do not have Two-Factor Authentication set up on your account, it is very likely GeoLock - in which case the PIN will be sent to the email-address associated with your account. If it is Two-Factor Authentication, the PIN is generated through an application as you should have set up when enabling the authenticator. Read [FAQ: Two-Factor Authentication](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-two-factor-authentication) for more details. ## My account is closed/suspended Please read through [FAQ: My account is banned / closed / suspended!](https://lightshope.org/faqs/faq-account-suspended-closed) and check your ban-status at [the ban status page on our control panel](https://lightshope.org/account/ban-status) for further details on how to proceed, or appeal your suspension.