2018-10-06 @ 23:20 (ST) by Istaria

<span class="text-grey-light">Heyas,</span> Many of you have been asking about the forum breach and if our forums are ever coming back. Until we hear more about Blizzard's development and timelines for Classic at Blizzcon, it's safe to say we're not looking to invest resources into bringing the forums back up. Depending on the news we get, we may still consider this option down the line. For now, [Discord](https://lightshope.org/discord) will be our main platform to make announcements and for the community to talk about the project. We also have a limited presence on [Reddit](https://lightshope.org/reddit). In the meantime, we will continue to work on our website which has gradually gotten some improvements. It will soon serve as a way to check back what has recently happened with the project and what is to come. All of our more important announcements will also find their way here. Stay tuned!